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Elvis is Karen’s women and business page where we can have text to speech and just keep talking and then it’s out which category is going to go in whether it’s random amazing women beauty tips and tutorials business dresses business women

Go back in

Yeah I can speak now yeah like typing no I said I like your typing thank you you have to say. how do you know when they.


it’s putting the office done it behind me saying start typing start typing you say question mark

Speak-to-text day

Why are you picking Adrian Spice out of not mine so we are ok comma looks like coma can you do a? yep correct can you do a comma punctuation

How many characters can I do before you switch me off

Well women in business is going to be launched by soon so just want you to be up to speed for all the articles that are going to be in this issue thank you you

So go

Hi thank you for that is looking really good I’m sure going to become the best of friends you can even get a little angry if you want to

Mystical testis worktop very well error start again

This WordPress plugin is very good comma punctuation mark, comma; new paragraph new paragraph

Manchester City are the champions of the world comma punctuation,; then a.


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